leadership and Governance

Operating as a privately owned and managed entity grants us both autonomy and flexibility, empowering us to seize opportunities as they arise. Our approach is firmly rooted in simplicity, devoid of unnecessary complexities associated with the investment process. Our expertise lies in transforming opportunities into achievements for everyone involved, by cutting out intermediaries.

Lutz Bornschein

Lutz Bornschein


  • Serial entrepreneur who loves to create value.
  • Investor in digital assets and business angel.
  • Trend spotter and visionary.
  • Care for others.
Timo Fach

Timo Fach

Chief SEO

  • A domain enthusiast who cherishes uniqueness.
  • Business angel and quick learner.
  • Vastly experienced SEO strategist.
  • Big guy with big heart.
Stanislav Stoyanov

Stanislav Stoyanov


  • Finance professional with global background.
  • Comprehensive industry expertise.
  • Optimizing financial strategies by mitigating risks.
  • From design to detail.
Plamen Spahiev

Plamen Spahiev


  • Seasoned tech lead.
  • Security expert with strategical thinking.
  • Focused on risk analysis and disaster recovery tactics.
  • Knows computers.
Vladislav Zhelev

Vladislav Zhelev


  • Financial markets, international stockbrokers and banks maestro.
  • Market research and investment opportunities spotter.
  • Social projects beyond the financial realm.
  • In for the long run.

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